Experience the future of art and augmented reality with Wardyworks, a visionary creator who is always ahead of the curve. From trendsetting AR experiences to innovative designs, Wardyworks is leading the way in the world of augmented reality.


Blending the virtual and the real,
the ethereal and the material,
the ephemeral and the physical.


An award winning artist and designer with a passion for creating stunning and groundbreaking augmented reality.

Ayahuasca Jungle Visions: A Coloring Book
£ 12.00 GBP

"The future of augmented reality is one where it is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, enhancing our experiences and giving us access to information and experiences that we never would have had before."

Webby Award Winner
Augmented Reality Trendsetter
Visionary Explorer
Published Author

Melding the future of art.


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