Cyberpunk 2077 AR Game Cover
When your video game takes place in a high-tech, cyber-enhanced world, you need a high-tech, cyber-enhanced game cover to match 👌
Game Informer AR Magazine Cover
Partnering with CD PROJEKT RED and Game Informer to imagine an augmented reality magazine cover straight from the high-tech, cyber-enhanced world of Night City.
Tyler Page Metaverse Identity
Creating a digital identity and animated visualiser for breaking artist, Tyler Page.
I Am Love AR Book Cover
You can judge a book by its cover if it opens an Augmented Reality portal to another dimension... The first of its kind. A 2020 Web Award Winner.
Screamadelica Augmented Reality
Tasked with recreating the iconic Screamadelica visuals in augmented reality form. The psychedelic visuals were reactive to the fans dance moves.
Ayahuasca Jungle Visions
A colouring book following my travels in the jungle and journeys with Ayahuasca.
Prayer of Pachamama
A family of light-beings anchoring the prayer of Pachamama (Mother Nature) into reality. The prayer of intention that humanity shall return to correct relationship with nature.
Porter Robinson Sky Portal
I was commissioned to make an immersive augmented reality experience for Porter Robinson.
Princesse Data AR Book Cover
An interactive animated augmented reality book cover for infamous hacker Rabbin Des Bois' new book 'Princesse Data'